About Us

Enda McLoughlin 

PGA Professional & Trident Align Designer

Trident Align has been designed by Irish PGA Professional Enda McLoughlin. After nearly 20 years in the golf industry Enda combined both his experience as a competitive golfer and as a PGA coach working with hundreds of golfers over many years, to design the world’s first fully adjustable ball marker.


The idea of using a line on the golf ball and aiming it at a desired spot left or right of the hole always appealed to Enda, the line looked like it was aimed correctly from behind the ball looking towards the target, but once over the ball the line always appeared to be aiming left. This led to confusion, do you trust what you lined up from behind the ball or where you now “feel” you should be aimed standing over the ball? Do you pull out your ball marker and readjust the line on the golf ball again? No one wants to unduly hold up play so more often than not you go ahead and hit the putt with the doubt in your head. 

Enda began to research why this was happening, eye dominance and aim bias became evident very quickly. A lot of golfers aim further left or right than they intend to with up to 93% of golfers not aiming at their intended start line. A simple factor such as ball position can impact where you perceive you are aiming, also if the line on the golf ball is tilting or leaning to either side by just 1 or 2 degrees (which the naked eye will not see) this will impact where you think the line on the golf ball is aiming.

Enda set about designing a ball marker that would:

  • Allow you to start the process of adjusting and fine tuning your aim as soon as you begin to read your putt.
  • Allow you to adjust the aim of the ball marker without the ball needing to be in position on the green.
  • Provide you with a start line you can have ultimate confidence in.
  • Ensure the centre line on the golf ball sits perfectly at 90 degrees (no tilt/ lean) through Trident Aligns patented design.
  • Perfectly match up the putter face squarely to the back of the ball on every putt.

Trident Align is part of P2 Putter Grips Ltd, an Irish based company which first brought an innovative putter grip to the market in 2016 with a patented design to provide golfers with greater control over their hands and wrists during their putting stroke.

However, controlling a golfer’s hands throughout the stroke is only part of the solution. If a golfer cannot aim correctly and aim at a point they have specifically chosen as their aim line, then the probability of holing a putt reduces dramatically.

That’s where Trident Align comes in. Its patented design has been developed to help fine tune your aim, to help you hole more putts, to shoot lower scores and to reduce your handicap.