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Trident Align

Trident Align 2.0 Solo

Trident Align 2.0 Solo

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Need a replacement for your Trident Align 1.0 or 2.0 ball marker? We’ve got you covered, no need to purchase the full kit again.

This 2nd generation Trident Align design provides the same level of adjustability and precision aiming that Trident Align customers have become accustomed to. The new design features two stability studs that have been added to the base plate to provide extra gripping power when being used on hard or fast greens where the grass has been cut tighter. The precision movement of the new design ensures the adjustable aim finder moves smoothly from side to side with greater ease and accuracy to ensure you find your desired start line on every putt.

Please Note:  Single Item

This product is only the Trident Align marker, it does not include the stencil tool, marker pen or protective pouch.

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